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MyAir allows you to zone your home like you zone your lighting, with the option of up tot 10 zones to control your comfort from anywhere in the house.

MyAir allows you to zone your home like you zone your lighting, with the option of up tot 10 zones to control your comfort from anywhere in the house.

Our expertise is temperature control systems for the home and office. We have the ability to solve all of your office or home temperature problems, from offices being too hot or cold, meeting rooms being uncomfortable, upstairs at home being too hot, home theatre being stuffy, baby’s room being too cold. If you are tired of being too hot or cold, frustrated by office staff complaining and thwarted by energy bills being too costly – then let us come in and personalize a solution for you. We can retrofit control systems into most brands of ducted gas heating or air-conditioning – giving you complete control over the entire system. You will be able to set individual temperatures in every room and/or office, making sure everyone is comfortable and the system responds to your needs every minute of every day. The other key benefit of this type of solution, is reduced running costs.

We base our design principles on recommendations from the Australian Government guide to environmentally sustainable home. These guidelines not only help you create environmentally friendly home heating/cooling, but also cut down on your running costs. “Design the system so that the extent of the area heated can be controlled and include zoning to allow for shutting off to unoccupied area”. To learn more about the Australian Government’s environmentally sustainable home advice you can view this pdf.

Control systems have been tested to save up to 28% of your running costs and heating and cooling can account for as much as 70% of your energy bill. Even your accounts department will be happy with us!

We also offer this type of solution for new installations. You don’t have to wait to have an issue, you can get the right system from the start. So whether you are looking for a cost effective solution for a single room, right up to fully integrated home automation solutions, at Air Con Solutions we have you covered.


Our expert technicians offer services and repairs on all major air conditioning brands. We work right across Melbourne and Victoria so don’t worry about being ignored because you think we may not service your area. We have years of experience with wall split, reverse cycle ducted and evaporative air conditioning units so our technicians will be able to fix your issue no matter what kind of air conditioner you have.


Many people across Melbourne have their gas ducted heaters lying dormant for 6 or more months of the year, when winter comes around and it’s time to use it again they experience a range of problems with their units as the Melbourne climate and time itself has taken a toll on the heater. If you are struggling to get your gas ducted heater running or it’s not working as smoothly as it used to then contact Air Con Solutions and one of our experience and trusted gas ducted heater mechanics can find the cause of your problem.


We are the Advantage Air specialists. We are one of the only service companies in Australia that are able to source all Advantage Air products direct from the manufacturer. If you are looking for specific Advantage Air products in cities other than Melbourne, check out our Ebay page to see what we currently have for sale. Of course, you can always contact us and we’ll be able to source any Advantage Air products directly to you as well offer technical support across the entire product range

Listed below are the common Advantage Air products that we repair, install, sell or provide technical support for on a day to day basis:

Control air systems.

– Control air – “CACB”

– Control air remote – “CARC”

– Control air zone motors “ADM24GREENP”

– Control air platinum – “CAPCB”

– Control air platinum remote – “CAPRC”

– Control air Pressures sensor – “CAPS”


Master control box – “CA3-MC”

Pressure sensor – “CA3-PSDS”

Wall sensors – CA3-RFWS

Touch panel – CA3-TSP

Unit control module – CA3- ACUCM

Wired wall sensors – CA3- WWS

RF wall sensors – CA3- RFWS


– Control box  “ZS2CB”

– Control panel  “ZS2CP”

– MyAir (1,2,3,4,5)

– Ezone

– Zone 10, Zone 6


Advantage Air Zone Motors

– Red “ADM24S”

Black “ADM”

– Yellow “ADM”

– Grey “CLIP24”,  “N10666”

– Green “ADM24GREENP”

– Zone actuators

We also cover a range of other products and systems including:

Advantage Air's Exact Air gives you complete control of your air flow into each room of your home

Advantage Air’s Exact Air gives you complete control of your air flow into each room of your home

Smart temp zoning, Easy zone touch, SZ-4 smart zone, Falcon SMT-880, Balemo zones, Metal insulated dampers, Barrel dampers and many more

Exact Air Products

Below is some information on each of the Exact Air products we sell, install, service and repair regularly.