VAMS control system has been designed to put the control back in your hands!

Do you have an office or home where the temperature never seems to be right?  This system is a great option to retrofit onto your current heating and cooling system giving you temperature control with out controlling the unit itself.

Is one office is always to hot and another is too cold and staff are coming to you, you call your HVAC service company and they do some balancing and it seem ok for a few weeks then you are back to the some problems.

At Air Con Solutions we specialise in the installation, upgrade or retrofitting of temperature control systems that not only address this never ending temperature complaints, with the installation of systems like the VAVS control we can deliver individual temperature control to each room so your staff can set their idea temperature that they are happy with. As everyone has their own ideal temperature. Meaning you focus on your day!

The benefits of installation a room by room temperature control system are:

    • Happy staff we can divide the build into up to 10 temperature zones, so they have control
      over their own room temperature set point.
    • One less complaint on your staffs list.
    • No more on-going balancing require as the system self-controls airflow on demand as each
      room requires it saving you hundreds or thousands of maintenance bills.
    • Reduce service call outs for unrequired adjustments.
    • Reduce energy bills for running cost of the system as it is only conditioning the rooms that needs air instead of conditioning the whole building at once.
    • No more hot or cold spots in the building, due to full system airflow control.

We service every brand of air conditioner on the market
This includes all the major brands such as Accent, Acson Air, Actron Air, Advantage Air, Ager, Airwell, Amana, Apac, Ayre, Braemar, Bonaire, Braemar, Brivis, Carrier, Centrex, Conia, Cooline, Daikin, Delonghi, Derby, Fujitsu, Fienza, Fujita, Gree, Hitachi, Haier, Kelvinator, LG, Livezi, Lennox, Midea, McQuay, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Rinnai, Sharp, Sanyo, Samsung, Toshiba, Teco, Temperzone, Livezi, Air Touch 2, Air Touch 3, Air Touch 4, Zone Master, MAC3, iZone, Gen3, Gen III, MyAir, MyPlace, Control Air, Control Air Platinum, Zone Station 2, Zone Station 3, VAV York, and many more!