Filter clean redemption terms and conditions

  • One free filter clean redemption per site address 
  • Redemption is only for the cleaning of the return air grille filter wash. 
  • All filters are required to be accessible and not to place Air Con Solutions under any safety concerns, risk or into a confined space 
  • If accessing / removal of a filter is deemed to be unsafe the filter wash will be void  
  • Access to a water tap outside is required for the washing of the filter, please note if this is not available this my void the service redemption  
  • This filter clean redemption does not include any other works, adjustments or repairs of the heating and cooling system(s) 
  • This filter clean does not include the following 
  • Replacement of any filter, fabric, grille or any other parts 
  • Filter banks clean or replacement 
  • Upgrades of system or filter 
  • Any information obtained by Air Con Solutions staff may be used for in house services notes or past onto the unit manufacturer or installation company’s for system / installation improvements
  • For more terms and conditions of Air Con Solutions please visit our website. 

This service is available only in Victoria.

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