The Elegance Wall Thermostat is designed to be extremely attractive yet unobtrusive. Simple to use while still having advanced control capability.
Extensive research was undertaken prior to the production of the Elegance Thermostat. Key criteria to its design are its clean lines, thin profile and a very impressive “EL” backlit Liquid Crystal Display. Simple operation and logical button placement were also deeply researched to ensure the Elegance operation and control are as intuitive and impressive as its clean modern styling.

The Elegance has real control power with the ultimate in functional flexibility. A combination of hardware switches and software options ensures this thermostat can control almost anything.

  • Single or 3 speed fan equipment
  • Single or multistage equipment (heat pump or heat / cool equipment type),
  • Digital multistage outputs or modulating 0~10V control as well
  • 2 zones of active temperature management are also built in as standard
  • Optional temperature sensors can be installed to measure the outside air temperature
  • a useful feature should you wish to see what you need to wear for the day.

The Zone 2 temperature sensor when installed is used to ensure the second zone temperature is maintained exactly as required, the Fan Coil temperature sensor will ensure warm start heating and residual heat/cool fan run on an energy saving function. The few features listed here plus the many additional capabilities that this thermostat offermakes the Elegance thermostat perfect for all residential, apartment or commercial applications

Main features of the Elegance

  • 7 day 4 or 2 event programming or non-programmable mode (with night set back)
  • Auto Season Changeover between Heat & Cool
  • Built in Active 2 Zone Control (With zone temperature display)
  • Single & 3 Speed Fan Control with Auto Fan Speed (Set by system installer)
  • Multistage equipment control
  • Relays all voltage free input - rated at 240V 10Amps. Mixed voltage permitted
  • Built in fan coil Smart Control (Warm start & Residual Heat / Cool run on)
  • Powered from 24VAC or Line Voltage
  • Equipment Fault / Occupancy inputs (2) with status display on the LCD
  • Built in economy function using outside air for free heating & cooling
  • Flow verification Interlock
      Suitable installation applications:

    • Ducted heating units
    • 2 zone spaced home and apartments
    • 24-volt control systems
    • Zoned control systems
    • Thermostat upgrades

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