Air Con Solutions has a specialised team that are set up to audit the installation of your Air Smart system(s) where we review the installation to ensure that it is installed as pre the design, Air Smart installation requirements are meet, check and balance the airflows to ensure the idea delivery in the home or office space.

Benefits of this service

  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery of system for your customers
  • Pre plaster and hand over reporting across the installation and commissioning.
  • Reduces risk of unforeseen issue with an independent partly review / checking the system or installation
  • Reduces surprises and costly repairs after plaster

Services we offer include

  • Pre-plaster audit and airflow testing and balancing
  • Wire up of controls
  • Programming of controllers or interfaces
  • Final commissioning of condensers, boilers and controllers
  • Thermostat programming and wifi set up with end user
  • Final air flow testing, balancing
  • Grille installation
  • And more……. If you need support with your Air Smart system, we are your SOLUTION!