Add-On Air Conditioning

Save upfront costs by adding coolers to your existing heating ducts

Add-on air conditioning is a good option for those who already have gas heating system and are looking for a single system to heat and cool their homes.

How does it work?

With this system, the heater delivers warm air through the vents when in ducted heating mode. But when the add-on cooling mode is turned on, the condensing unit blows cold refrigerated air through the same ductwork.
The add-on air conditioning system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is connected to the ducted heating system, and, depending on the location of your heater, a cooling coil is installed in the sub floor or ceiling cavity. The condensing unit is placed outside the home. Using the fan in the heater, the air flows over the cooling coil and is pumped cold by the outdoor condenser.
This system also allows for zoning, which means you can cool only the rooms you want, helping you save money in energy costs with our team many zoning options available.
Installation can be organised on your existing system, or, if you are purchasing a brand-new system, you can install both the heating and cooling at the same time.

The benefits of adding add-on Air Conditioning.

Connects to a single system

The add-on air conditioning system uses the one set of ducting and grilles for both heating and cooling. In some cases there is no need to update or change use the same ducts and grilles of the existing heating systems. This can potentially save a lot of time and money, as there may not be a need for additional duct work.

Can be zoned

The add-on cooling system allows zoning, which means your house can be divided into different zones to let you vary the airflow throughout the home. Through this, you can choose to cool only the rooms you want instead of the whole house, saving you money in energy costs.

Year-round comfort

When you combine the add-on air conditioning with your gas ducted heating system, you are set for comfort and good climate control all year round. Winter, spring, summer or autumn, you have got it all covered!

Effective in humid conditions

Add-on air conditioning systems operate effectively even on very hot and very humid days. This is unlike Evaporative Cooling, which only works best in dry conditions.

Easy to use

The add-on air conditioning system and your gas ducted heating system, although separate units, can most likely be operated from the same central remote. This makes it easy to use and operate.

Add on any time

You can choose to install the add-on air conditioning system with your heater purchase or add it on later.

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