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How does zoning work?

For a long time, heating and cooling systems have conditioned the whole home or installed space, and you would have one thermostat per ducted system which is normally installed in the main living space or in the hallway near the return air grille. This was done to try and get an average temperature of the conditioned building, but this does not account for any changes in the sun position and thermal load on the different rooms. This is why many office staff has issues of too hot & too cold Not only was the temperature hard to control but the running cost is high due to having to have a system that can conditioning the whole space at once.

So they come up with the idea of installing a zone(s) to in the ducting so that areas/rooms could be switched off when not needed or to reduce the total unit size required. But often the zoning with very limited, where normally with basic light switches and zoning into day and night zones. These lead to limited flexibility.

Now we can control your home much like you control your lights. You don’t have just one or two light switches for your whole home, this would not make sense; So why except the same with your heating and cooling?

what are the benefits of zoning your home/office room by room

By doing this you can have:
– Full control which rooms/ areas that you want to condition
– Reduce unit size section
– Reduce running cost due to unit size and the number of areas that you
are conditioning.
– Add temperature controlling sensors into each zone and you increase running cost savings as well as increase room by room comfort!

Benefits of fitting temperatures to zones.

With the standard on/off manual zone controlling option it requires you to switch the zone OFF once it has reached temperature or ON if it’s become too uncomfortable, but this requires you to know what the temperature is in the space and to keep check, to make this a automatic option then the system does all the work which delivers more accurate temperature control of the spaces.

  • Reduce run times of your unit
  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Improved temperature control
  • Less maintenance of our unit due to reduce run times of the system

Also adjusting your comfort levels moderately can also make big changes to your energy bill. For instance, when cooling, increasing the temperature set-point by 1°C will reduce the amount of power your system uses by up to 10% .

Common things that we hear that zoning can over come.
– My Office is too hot or my office is always to cold
– My homes temperature is never right, its either too hot or too cold
– My energy bills are to high, how can I reduce my energy or power bills.
– My wife wants the temperature to low for me.