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Simple button layout to turn on or off up to 6 zones on your air conditioner. ZoneSwitch

Simple and attractive air control system to easily turn on or off the air flow in up to 6 zones

With a discrete, neutral panel design, ZoneSwitch is an easy solution for turning the air on or off in up to 6 zones. It is ideally suited for ducted reverse cycle and ducted gas heating systems.

ZoneSwitch is also equipped with ZoneMaster's ‘Spill Zone’ function, a feature designed to protect your air conditioning system from an unwanted build up in pressure if all zones are turned off at the same time while the unit is running. ZoneSwitch is supplied complete as a kit with transformer and connecting cables to enable a complete installation.

Key Features

  • Beautiful, neutral panel design
  • Two switch pad option
  • Easy installation with Polyaire Quick Fix Motorised Dampers
  • Personalised zone labelling using stickers
  • Recovery after a power failure: All zones automatically resume their original on/off state after power outage

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