SMT-400 "" Wi-Fi" Thermostat

As impressive as the SMT-400 appears to be on the surface, it is what it does silently, in the background, that makes the SMT-400 a truly Smart thermostat.
For example, the SMT-400 can monitor the current outside air temperature and alter its control logic to ensure comfort levels are maintained using the least amount of energy for the current conditions.
The SMT-400 will even employ intelligence that will calculate the cooling potential of outside air.

If found suitable the SMT-400 will use this outside air to cool your home or office without the need to run the air conditioning systems.
The SMT-400 can even suspend (or alter) heating or cooling automatically based on room occupancy or if doors or windows are left open.
For those that desire scheduling, simply use the free App or Web portal to easily preset your individual daily comfort levels, even for all 365 days should you wish.

If you really want easy, then enable the Geo-fence function and have your heating and cooling system automatically turn on or off as you approach or leave your home or office - now that's simple.
The SMT-400 supports more than a simple gas heater or a basic heat-pump.

  • Multi fan speed
  • Multistage heating and cooling systems as well as 0-10V modulating valve control for fan coils are all able to be managed by the SMT-400.

A library of Input / Output option within the SMT-400 permits the setting of fault, temperature and humidity alarms, provides warm start and defrost logic as well as many other industry leading functions.

Main features of the Enterprise

  • Wi-Fi controlled with Free Apple and Android App
  • Single, 3 speed and DC fan control.
  • Auto or Manual changeover
  • Keyboard locks and temperature-controlled limits
  • Modbus RTU communications
  • Relay and 0-10V outputs
  • Remote temperature sensor and other inputs
  • 7 day programmable via the Smart Temp Comfort App (365-day programming via the web portal)
  • Inbuilt occupancy detection logic (Requires optional PIR sensor or switches)
  • Inbuilt logic for free "Economy Cooling" (0-10V economy outputs)
  • Inbuilt de-ice control (requires optional sensor)
      Suitable installation applications:

    • Ducted heating units
    • 2 zone spaced home and apartments
    • 24-volt control systems
    • Zoned control systems
    • Thermostat upgrades

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