Does Your Air Conditioning Need an Upgrade?

The air conditioning systems in your home is just like any other appliance or feature in that it needs to be maintained, repaired and eventually replaced.

If you are thinking about what your options are in regard to your systems performance, efficiency, energy bills, unit noise and more please feel free to contact us to have your system evaluation. We can check your system, the installation and the conditioning needs of the building.

We often get told that by customers that they have been informed that their system needs to be replaced without seeking a second opinion. If we can repair your unit or systems, we will also walk you through all your options so you can make an informed decision on what is the best option for your situation.

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Things that we can help you to aid your decision making:

  • Unit condition report
  • Review availability of parts for the system
  • Pricing for repairs or upgrade, replacement
  • Information of the latest technology upgrade or changes.
  • Installation options for the replacement or upgrade

Some things to consider for why upgrading your old air conditioning unit could be a good idea.

Energy Efficiency

No matter how well you maintain your air conditioning unit, at some point it will lose its energy efficiency and start costing you more money per month. Some of the ways that an air conditioning unit can lose energy efficiency include:

  • The technology in new system reduces the running cost as they are more efficient.
  • Replacing parts to keep the unit running out weight the replacement cost of the unit.
  • Part are no longer available and the unit is not able to be repaired.
  • Not original parts are used and affect the system efficiency.

The more efficient your air conditioner is, the less it will cost you to run each month. Since you will be running your air conditioner for a good part of the year and in some very hot conditions, you will want your unit to be as energy efficient as possible.

Have you Neglected Maintenance For Too Long

There are homeowners throughout Australia who simply turn their air conditioning units on when the weather gets hot and never invest in having their air conditioners maintained. After a while, this practice will catch up to you and you will have allowed your air conditioner to go past the point of being repaired.

Your House Is Bigger

Over the years, some homeowners expand the living space in their home to accommodate the growth of their family or other changes. Often the heating and cooling loads are not ever thought about until it does not seem to be able to keep up any more, At Air Con Solutions we can came in an review what is happening and find an solution to over come this issue.

The Weather Is Hotter Where You Live

The news headlines are filled with stories from all over the world about how the changing climate is altering the way people live. In Australia, the temperatures are rising and you will need a better air conditioning unit to combat the intensifying heat.

You Are Remodelling Your Home

If your air conditioning unit is over 10-12 years of age and you are planning a major remodelling project for your home, then we recommend contacting us to assess your system to weather you should be including an upgrade to your air conditioner would be a good idea. Not only would you have the latest in air conditioning technology, but this could reduce damage or works in the near future for the replacement.

New Units have improved

Air conditioning technology has evolved a great deal over the past few years, and there ar e new methods for cooling homes that offer better results than older technology. Heating pumps and split systems offer more consistent cooling, run quieter, smaller in size, less vibrations, zoning options, improved temperature control / comfort and save you money on your monthly energy bills.

The simple fact is that when your air conditioning unit surpasses the age of 10 years old, there is better options now available.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Older air conditioning units have higher maintenance and repair costs that can add up year after year. The new technology being offered today is designed to last longer and require less maintenance over its lifetime. The investment in a new unit will pay for itself in lower maintenance and repair costs alone for the entire time you own it.

There are a lot of reasons for upgrading your air conditioning unit.





At Air Con Solution we specialise in servicing, maintenance, upgrades and thermostats for ducted heating/cooling systems . We know that from time to time your system will stop working, At Air Con Solutions we always aim to deliver the right solution for your situation.  We don’t believe that every system needs to be replaced and with our out the box thinking we work with you to not only find the right fix but also with in your budget too,


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