Two Fitting Options

January 6, 2021




A comparison of two options: 

Over the years the ways heating and cooling ducting installation methods have not changed much. Some seem to be still doing their installations in the same way their grand fathers did it. It’s easy to understand why they have not changed, it worked for there grandfathers, their fathers and now them but just because it works does not make it the best option. 

Over the years there has been many different ways to deliver the same outcome, but the results can often be very different; unless you can compare the options you would never no what you have been missing out on. 

The Air Con Solutions team was to attended a job that had poor airflow issues: 

What was found installed was this example of a fitting at the installation:

This is a single zone which was suppling flow to six outlets it is set up with the following facts.

Parts Used:

  • Seven fittings and inline zone damper.
  • 13 taping connection points

The pros and cons with this style:

  • Airflows to the all the outlets where not even.  
  • Extra labour require to install this option.

Here is another example of a replacement fitting that does the same role as the above fitting, same set up, one zone and six outlets option.

Parts used: 

  • Two fittings which could have been as little as just one fitting. 
  • 8 Taping connection points

Pro & cons with this style:

  • Improved airflow to all outlets
  • Manual damper control to each of the outlets
  • Reduced taping connections
  • Lower static pressure on the fan unit
  • More zoning options with little upgrade cost

Do you have airflow issues or are looking for more control of your air flows in your heating and cooling system?

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