Should we or how often should we have our heating and cooling system checked?

January 7, 2021




Should we or how often should we have our heating and cooling system checked?

Your home is one the biggest investments you make in most people’s lives and, in this home, comes with all the items that make this house your home and a comfortable one at that. 

  • Hot water
  • Pools
  • Dishwashers 
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • And so on…. 

So, this means that these items above are a part of your investment. But often these items are not maintained, so too often we only think of these items that either make our life’s easier or more comfortable, however, once they are not working, which is normally after great damage has been done or happened it can lead to costly repairs or replacements that could have been avoided with intervention! 

Did you know that the average home is built with a lifespan of around 60-80 years, but the average life of a maintained heating and cooling system is around 15 -20 years. 

Another way of thinking about the assets in your home, is would you not service your car for years at a time? 

Would you feel safe driving a car that had never been maintained from the day you drove it off from the dealer’s yard?…….. why is your heating and cooling any different? 

In your heating and cooling system there is many components much like your car that require to be inspected and checked regularly.

If system is left uncheck the affect can be dangerous for the equipment and your home

To find out more about how Air Con Solutions will set up a maintenance plan to look after your asset, to give you peace of mind for you, your family, and your home head over to our maintenance page or to book in a service and quote this blog to receive a FREE bacteria spray of your filters.



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