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June 11, 2016




The guys at Advantage Air have been leading the domestic market with their heating and cooling zoned temperature control systems which have been delivering not only improved temperature options for their users but easy control of the homes heating and cooling systems.

With the latest range of control systems by Advantage Air they have engineered the MyPlace to improve everyone’s life, environment, giving user friendly solutions to which allows you to control many types of products, so the what would you like to control?

With the touch of the (MyWelcome) button on your MyPlace app you can improve your and your family’s security so you don’t have to walk into a dark home again.



With the MyPlace control system  you can add on the MyAir option which means that you can control the heating and cooling system(s) from anywhere so you can arrive to a home at your ideal temperature in every room of the home, .The MyAir system can control up to four systems all off the one touch panel giving you the ultimate zoned comfort solution.

The MyPlace being able to control many of your items around your home, from fans, outdoor heaters, lights and more… you can have complete control of your whole home in the palm of your hand.



How many times you have left the home and questioned if you have shut the garage door, switched off the lights or turn off the heating or cooling system.

Now you can set up your MyPlace system to be able to switch off the lights or get a notification that the garage door is still open.



The MyPlace has been design to both easy to use and even easier to install or upgrade as you and your home grows. As you require you can add the modules to build up the system to control some of the following items

  • Garage doors
  • Down lights with full dimmable control
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Outdoor strip heaters
  • Electric gates
  • Most 240 volt lights
  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units
  • Ducted gas heaters and add-on cooling
  • Boilers and hydronic heating systems
  • Floor heating

To find out more about how MyPlace could be the game changer in your life give us a call by Click here to speak to us today to book in a review of your needs and what you want to control in your place……..


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