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Advantage Air Temperature Control Zone Motor, Clip In 24 Volt Damper Motor

$125.00 Price including tax

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The clip-in Zone motor requires set up and/or installation, for more information on how to install or set up please check out our YouTube videos with helpful tips and guides – AirConSolutions  or to watch now click on the video below



 – Grey in colour.

– 24 Volts AC.

– Drive return.

– Motor switches off when not driving saving energy and running costs.

– External indicator shows damper position.

– Low profile enables damper to fit in tight spaces

– Fast 16 second open to closed drive time.

– Powerful 2.5Nm-torque motor will drive any Advantage Air damper

– Low cost

– Quiet operation

– Colour coded for easy identification   (Clip 24V motor has grey lid)

– Tough external casing

– Plastic shaft adaptor prevents “cold bridging”


 – Body and lid is injection moulded from blended engineering plastic.


  – Suitable for all domestic and commercial two

 – position (open, closed) applications under 2.5


– Suitable for all Exact Air Regulators and Advantage Air barrel dampers 150 dia to 550.


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