MyLights Smart Home Systems

Control all your household lights from one place with MyLights.
Forget manually operating every light in your property. Experience the convenience of controlling your lighting systems through a single smart device. With MyLights, all the lights in your home can be managed from a smart hub or your mobile device.

Single Hub Operation

With the included 8-inch tablet ‘smart hub’, you can control your entire lighting system from a single device. This device also doubles as a regular smart tablet, so you can use it to browse the Internet, use Facebook, or watch videos online.

Australian Made

Perth-based company ‘Advantage Air’ designs and makes MyLights. So, when you choose MyLights, not only will you be supporting an Australian company and product, but you’ll also receive a system that’s well suited to Australian conditions.

Integrated with MyPlace

Control your lights through your phone with the MyPlace app. Download the MyPlace app and pair it with MyLights to have complete mobile access to your smart lighting system. Through this app, you can control your lights even when you’re away from home.


MyLights gives you the same complete control of your lights and lighting systems as MyAir does for your air-conditioning. Turn each light in your property on or off with a touch of a button and adjust your home’s lighting from a single device. You can also schedule your lights to turn on or off at specific times, reducing your electricity bill and making your home more secure. With MyLights, you’ll always have your lights ready when you need it, and you’ll never have to come home in the dark.

More than Just on and off

  • MyLights lets you adjust the degrees of brightness for your lights easily. Dim the lights to set the mood in a room or brighten it further to highlight an area you want to showcase.

One-Touch Control

  • Create master switches for your lights with the "My Welcome" and "My Goodbye" functions. These features let you turn on or off all the lights with a single touch on your device, lighting your home quickly when you arrive and shutting it off when you leave.

Scheduled Lighting

  • There’s no need to turn on and shut off each light when you need to wake up or go to bed. MyLights lets you schedule your lights’ operation, so you won’t have to switch them on and off the same time every day.

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