iZone smart solutions

iZone precision engineered products and innovative technologies deliver unrivalled efficiency and controlthroughout your home. They save you money at the same time as keeping yourfamily comfortable allyear round

Get a quote for a smart home

It will only take a few minutes. It’s also much cheaper than you’d expect. So much so that you’ll probably pay the system off in a few years.

Turn your home into a smart home

Smart Home. Any home can be a smart home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building, renovating or redecorating. iZone, instantly makes your home more liveable. With one touch, turn on the aircon, dim the lights, water the garden, boil the kettle or close the garage door. Alternatively schedule everything and you won’t need to do anything at all. Spend more time doing the things you love. How smart is that?

Air Conditioning
iZone’s climate control system offers complete control over your ducted air conditioning system for maximum comfort and efficiency.

iZone’s reticulation system uses the world’s simplest controller, plus you can adjust watering based on local weather conditions, saving you time, money and water.

Zone controls your garage door from your smartphone or tablet and lets you know if you have left it up when you’re not at home. Other security features are coming soon.

iZone’s wireless lighting system is ultra-efficient and you can control it from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, tablet or iZone control panel.

iZone Power lets you control and monitor energy and appliances. iZone smart plugs let you control “dumb” appliances and lights while monitoring your power usage and solar system.1

iZone lets you control your audio and video apps, like Spotify, Netflix and others from one convenient location (up to 5 entertainment apps in total).

Control the climate on any budget

Air Conditioning
The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. We think of it as outsmarting rather than outspending.IZone works with all leading brands.

iZone makes life cooler
You can control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet. iZone
gives you greater control from anywhere, anytime for even greater efficiency and savings.Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature.

iZone works with new and existing systems
You can set the foundations of your smart home with a state-of-the-art air conditioning system or retrofit iZone to your current system. iZone works with all leading brands.

iZone is a breath of fresh air
Our fresh air system uses cool night air to keep you comfortable instead of running your air conditioning compressor. At the push of a button you can use
100% fresh air to cool your home. iZone uses a patented system to automatically transform your system from reverse cycle air conditioning to a 100% fresh air.
It’s our night cooling system and it can save you a lot of money.

Complete system control
iZone provides cooling and heating when and where you need it. You can control up to 12 touchscreens or 14 zones. One smart feature of IZone is that it automatically adjusts the temperature or switches off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms thereby maximising efficiency and savings.

Set schedules to match your routine. Now that’s smart.
You can create up to 9 ‘favourite’ scenarios to suit your lifestyle. You can even schedule different rooms to come on at different times and temperatures, or
alternatively, start and stop your air conditioning from anywhere.

Light up your life with iZone

Whatever your mood, desired ambience or occasion, iZone lets you turn your everyday lighting into memorable moments of colour. It’s completely wireless. So paint your walls the colours of your favourite team to enhance your game day experience.

Control your lighting from anywhere
iZone’s wireless lighting system is ultra-efficient. Now you can control your lamps and downlights from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone or tablet.

Outsmart the bad guys.
Home security is easy with iZone. You can set your lights to holiday
mode so it appears that you’re home when you’re not. iZone switches your lights on and off at night for extra security and peace of mind. Control anything from
anywhere, anytime via the iZone app.

Turn your lighting into smart lighting
iZone’s LED lighting uses intelligent, radio-controlled light bulbs and downlights that let you instantly choose from 16 million colours and 100 shades of white light. You control it all through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or iZone controller. What’s more,iZone smart lights are 80% more energy efficient than standard globes and last for up to 40,000 hours. So you’re being kind to the
environment as well.

Schedule your lighting
iZone can become an integral part of your day-to-day life. Wake up to a fresh start each day by gradually increasing the light intensity in your room like natural sunlight. And what a warm welcome home with both outdoor and indoor lighting automatically switching on as you roll into your driveway

Water your garden from anywhere in the world

iZone smart reticulation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using the iZone app on your smart device or your iZone controller.

iZone is a landscaper’s dream
iZone’s base system comes with 8 stations but it can be expanded to a maximum of 24 stations for even the largest landscape projects.

Water the garden while you’re away
With iZone you can manage your holiday watering from your smart device.Forgot
to turn on your retic system when you are away? No problem, you can do it from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or tablet.

Let the weather forecastadjust the watering.
iZone’s garden reticulation system is simple to use and via IFTTT adjusts your watering based on the weather forecast in your area. It saves you time, money and our precious resource, water.

iZone means a lush garden on less water.
What a smart idea. Reduce “run off” to give you a greener garden. With iZone’s Soak & Cycle mode, watering time is automatically split into smaller cycles, thereby reducing run off and dramatically increasing your watering efficiency.

Save on your water bill.
iZone saves water and saves you money. Using IFTTT, weather forecasts and clever
watering modes, iZone Reticulation can save you big time.

Smart plugs can create smart appliances and save you money

iZone Power helps you find even more savings. Add iZone’s smart plugs to control and manage your home appliances from anywhere, anytime to give you even greater control and cost-savings.

Transform a “dumb” appliance into a smart appliance.
You can plug ordinary appliances you want to control into the iZone smart plug and use your smart phone, tablet or iZone touch screen to control them. Simple as
that. You can also control lighting that is not part of the iZone smart network by plugging it into an iZone smart plug.

Get smart creating automatic actions
It’s easy to create schedules to turn your appliances on and off. Boil your kettle before you wake up. Turn on the electric blanket before you go to bed. The opportunities to control and automate your existing appliances are endless. Smart homes make life that bit more fun and enjoyable.

“Oh, no I’ve left the iron on!” Smart Alec will fix that
No problem. Now you can turn appliances off as you run out the door. iZone can send you a text if you leave home without turning the iron off. You can switch the iron off remotely via your smartphone. iZone can even be set up to do it
automatically for you.

iZone and solar power generation
Monitor your energy use and save money. iZone’s unique thermal storage system helps you to pre-heat or cool your home when excess solar power is available. This will minimise how long you run your air conditioning system during expensive peak times.

Improve your security with iZone

Security & Entertainment
You can improve your security by scheduling your iZone lights, or controlling and monitoring your garage door.

Control your garage door from your phone.
Open your garage door from anywhere. Let in the pool guy whilst you’re at work. Now that’s convenient and smart.

Appear to always be at home
Set your lights to holiday mode so it appears that you’re home when you’re not. See iZone lighting for more on this feature.
And don’t forget you can also control outdoor light and reticulation from anywhere so the bad guys will pass you by.Complete security features available 2018.You will soon be able to control your doors and gates. Lock and unlock remotely from anywhere.

iZone connects you to the world

Security & Entertainment
iZone designs and manufactures living technology for your home. Think flexible, scalable and adaptable

iZone connects you to the world
iZone allows you greater control and connects you to third party companies like IFTTT, Google Home, Apple, Android, Control 4, and most Home Automation Systems. You’d think it was something out of a sci-fi film but it’s here and now.

Saving energy and saving the planet. It’s just smart isn’t it?
An iZone smart home means you can control the amount of power you use. So, at the same time, you’re doing your bit for the planet.Our products have smart features such as occupancy detection, light intensity scheduling, temperature sensing, and much, much more.

iZone works with your favorite devices and apps
iZone also connects you to all the different devices and services
around the home like appliances, solar and entertainment apps like Spotify.

Start with one iZone product and add more smart home features later.
iZone lets you turn on all your smart home features right now or build it over time. It’s your call and your budget. Start with air conditioning and add other smart home solutions later. That’s what makes iZone affordable, scalable and future-proof.
* Certain upgrade costs may apply to hardware or software depending on the version installed.