Frequently asked questions about zoning and system upgrades/retrofits:

yes, for most brands and models, in some cases we may require top test.

Yes, we specialise in zoning upgrades and retrofitting onto existing systems.

1 – Better control of the temperature in each room, stops over heating or cooling a room.

2 – Reduced running cost as zones automatically close once are temperature which shifts the air flow to the rooms that still needs heating or cooling.

Yes, it’s important to have your system(s) serviced to ensure that they are keep running to their optimum, it also reduces costly repairs, saves on running cost to ensure they are operating efficiently.

It does depend on how much you used the system; I always recommend checking your filters every 3 months. If you have any questions, we can help with a system service.

Clean return air filters

1 – Check and listen to your unit for abnormal noises

2 – Ensure that the outdoor unit is clear from debris and items stacked on or around your unit

Yes, we can supply solutions from 1 room to every room in the office or home.

We yet to find a building that we could not do something to help improve comfort, temperature control, unit control or efficiency, maybe you have been asking the wrong company?