Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Year-round climate control and comfort

The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is normally located within the roof space, and it is connected to a series of vents within the house through ductwork, air is then circulated to all rooms conditioned.

How does it work? The reverse cycle system works by removing heat from within the house to the outdoors during summer. It then uses a refrigerant to cool the building and works on the air inside the building to ensure it is climate controlled. As its name suggests, the system can work in reverse during winter, transferring the available heat in the air outside to inside the home, and using the refrigerant to warm the house.
Ducted reverse cycle systems are the perfect solution if you want to heat and cool your entire home. When installed with a fully zoned temperature control system you have complete control over your comfort.

Why Ducted Reverse Cycle?

Zoning system

Ducted reverse cycle systems can be enhanced with zoning, a system that divides your house into different air conditioning zones to let you vary the airflow throughout your home. Through this, you can choose to turn on the air conditioning for only one part of the house, for example, the bedroom, rather than the whole house.

Cost-effective and economical

Although installation may be expensive, the bright side about the reverse cycle system is that you only pay once for a unit that essentially works the whole year round – it cools in summer and warms in winter! Plus, due to the zoning system, you will not have to cool areas you don’t need, which means you save money on energy costs in the long run too.

Adaptable and efficient

Many modern reverse cycle air conditioning units come with thermostats and advanced inverter technology, allowing them to adapt to the temperature and condition of the room. The inverter technology is one of the most energy efficient ways to cool your home using electricity.

Climate control

The reverse cycle system uses sensors to keep rooms at the targeted temperature and is one of the most effective climate control systems. Say goodbye to rooms that constantly fluctuate between being too cold and too warm!

Less noise

With the Some manufacturers of reverse cycle air conditioning systems building inverter units this technology has reduce operating noise across their units. Delivering better outcomes for you and your family.

Aesthetically pleasing

With ducted reverse cycling air conditioners, with the main cooling unit is normally located in the roof space, the only things visible inside your house are the controllers, the return air and room grilles or ceiling vents. This makes it far less visually intrusive than some of the other air conditioning systems.

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