SMT-770 Chameleon

The Chameleon thermostat adapts quickly to suit its surroundings

  • a single thermostat that can control almost any type of heating, cooling or air conditioning system as well as meet all the individual needs of the people using it.

The Chameleon can be configured to control most system types

  • Heat pump systems, (with auxiliary or emergency heating if necessary),
  • Gas/oil heating systems with add on cooling,
  • Control high and low balance points as well as the number of heating and cooling stages needing precise control.
  • It can even adapt to manage the number of fan speeds it must control.

The Chameleon can be programmable or manual with single or multiple set points or the number programs as required, and then if the needs of the options change then the Chameleon will adapt without fuss to suit their new needs.

When larger projects are considered, or central control is necessary then the Chameleon has integrated Modbus communication. Every function and setting within the Chameleon can be viewed, locked, changed or edited from a centralised location as desired or automatically from a suitable building management system.


The Chameleon is simply a thermostat so advanced, so simple and so attractive it will be the last thermostat you should ever need to buy.

  • Multifunction Temperature Controller
  • Auto Changeover
  • Multistage Outputs
  • Suitable for Reverse Cycle and Gas Heat/Cool Systems
  • Auto Season Change Over.
  • Selectable programmable or manual mode.
  • Heat cool or heat pump (O/B) logic.
  • Add on & Emergency Heat Control.
  • High & Low balance points.
  • Single or 3 speed fan control.
  • Keyboard and/or Temperature Locks.
  • Occupancy sensor inputs.
  • Programmable occupancy inputs.
  • Adaptive Recovery (Optimised Start).
  • Smart Fan logic for Commercial Control.
  • PIN protected menus (installer PIN).
  • Outside air temperature display.
  • 24V powered with memory backup.
  • Volt Free (clean contact) relays.
  • Large backlit EL Display.
  • Remote temperature sensors available.
  • Integrated Modbus option.
  • Replaces almost all 24V thermostats.

Suitable installation applications:

  • Ducted heating units
  • Hydraulic heating systems
  • 24-volt control systems
  • Zoned control systems
  • Thermostat upgrades

At Air Con Solution we specialise in servicing, maintenance, upgrades and thermostats for ducted heating/cooling systems. We know that from time to time your system will stop working, At Air Con Solutions we always aim to deliver the right solution for your situation.  We do not believe that every system needs to be replaced and with our out the box thinking we work with you to not only find the right fix but also with in your budget too,


The team at Air Con Solutions can support you and your needs both on site and remotely, with a network that covers Victoria with service partners in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.