Air smart

Air Con Solutions as a company we are always looking to find and work with market leading brands that can improve not only the comfort of your home for your family or the office for the staff but also in other areas that is often over looked; style, ease of use, efficient, building limitations. Air Smart is such a company that can deliver in all of these area’s

As a service agent here are the services, we can offer support for all your Air Smart, High velocity systems or small duct systems.

  • Air Smart system services and repairs
  • Air Smart warranty agent.
  • Maintenance programs available.
  • Before plaster installation audit and airflow testing as well as Final hand over commissioning services to give the installation an increased level of quality insurance.
  • Audit, system improvements and reporting
  • Airflow balancing
  • Installer training on the installation, set up and use of Air Smart systems
  • Single or 3 speed fan equipment
  • Single or multistage equipment (heat pump or heat / cool equipment type),
  • Digital multistage outputs or modulating 0~10V control as well
  • 2 zones of active temperature management are also built in as standard
  • Optional temperature sensors can be installed to measure the outside air temperature
  • a useful feature should you wish to see what you need to wear for the day.

The Zone 2 temperature sensor when installed is used to ensure the second zone temperature is maintained exactly as required, the Fan Coil temperature sensor will ensure warm start heating and residual heat/cool fan run on an energy saving function. The few features listed here plus the many additional capabilities that this thermostat offermakes the Elegance thermostat perfect for all residential, apartment or commercial applications

But what makes Air Smart stand out from the rest?

Compact ducts save on costs

AirSmart design allows the systems to be installed where other ducted system just will not fit as their smaller components allow you build to happen without the costly extras such as bulk heads and droppers. So, you can keep the look and still have a ducted system throughout.

Minimal Grilles

AirSmart grilles and outlets not only look great, they are much smaller than other alternatives air grilles. Architectural design remains undisturbed and lines are beautifully clean with Air Smart compact round and linear grilles.

Controllable zones

We know that you don’t have just one room in your home, with separate controllable zones, we’ve solved many of the inefficiency problems of conventional systems.

Wi-Fi control

Smart options that give the control back in your hands with the option integrate with home automation and Wi-Fi automatic controls, so you can enjoy seamless living.

Easy integration

Our system fits where the others can’t. Our compact smart flow duct can be installed easily between floors, under stairs, within walls and can adapt to any building type

40% less airflow required

AirSmart's IES requires less airflow compared to traditional larger duct systems.

The limitation is your imagination

AirSmart grilles can be installed in floors, ceilings and between walls without compromising performance or aesthetic. We can match any décor with our compact, unobtrusive round and linear grilles.

Flexible set up

This is where AirSmart really stands out, their systems can be integrated into your home and design to fit your needs.

Systems can be set up to use reverse cycle units, hydronic heating and even chilled water for cooling

Energy Sources

What are the different ways that Air Smart systems deliver heating and cooling solutions to you?

Inverted Air Sourced Reverse Cycle

AirSmart have designed a super-efficient DC Inverter technology which delivers superior temperature control. A variable speed drive in the motor adjusts to match your air conditioning requirements. It is optimised to deliver your comfort quickly. It runs quiet and has been engineered to combat Australia’s harsh environment with ratings of -15 to +50c for guaranteed comfort.
How it works
Refrigerant in the heat exchanger absorbs heat from the outside air and evaporates. Vapour compresses, increasing pressure and vapour temperature. Hot vapour is condensed in the second heat exchanger where heat is rejected, delivering heat into the building via the duct network and air grilles. The liquid refrigerant then passes back through an expansion valve to start the cycle again. When cooling is required this process is in reverse, which is described as reverse cycle.

Hydronic Hot Water Heating

Hydronic heating provides the highest comfort level, whilst producing low emissions. AirSmart hydronic ducted hot water heating is typically the most cost-effective system when considering total cost of ownership.
How it works
The principle behind Hydronic heating is simple – water is heated in a boiler, and then circulated through a loop of pipes to deliver warmth into rooms. While the most commonly used set up is through our ducted fan coils, under floor heating pipes or radiators can also be added using a single boiler. For the system’s cooling, we recommend an AirSmart condensing unit.
Energy Sources

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pump systems integrate perfectly with AirSmart air delivery fan coil units, are compatible with floor heating and can be expanded to replace hot water services or even pool and spa energy sources.
How it works
Air to water heat pump systems use water as the refrigerant. These systems best suit homes and small commercial operations, and can replace any existing heat system.

Do you have an older Air Smart system, interested in options to make your system more efficient?

Upgrades of your old fixed speed condenser?

Does your Air Smart system have one of these types of condensers?

Concerned about your energy bills?

At Air Con Solutions we offer condenser upgrade service, where can replaced your old energy hungry condensing unit for a new digital scroll inverter unit had is not only more efficient to run but also is able to ramp its compressor speed to match the load of the home and the day,

Currently you fixed speed cooling condenser has two speed, Off or on….. but this results in issues

  • High energy usage
  • Icing up of the indoor unit, which leads to lower airflows and performance.
  • Higher maintenance required to maintain the safety switches to stop the icing
  • Unit not able to match the load of the home.

Does your cooling unit look like one of these?
We can upgrade your old fixed speed units to a new digital scroll inverter condenser, giving you:

  • Better temperature delivery to the home.
  • Better running costs
  • Reduced running noise
  • Better performance

We can also upgrade or replace other parts like.

  • Water pumps
  • Unit fans
  • Unit coils
  • Inverter interface control modules
  • Thermostats
  • Boilers
  • And much more, call us to find out more.

*Each site to be reviewed for suitaility