Introducing the all new AirTouch 3

  • Your smartphone is amazing to Check out what it can do now
  • Control your air conditioning When you are away from home

Set and enjoy your personal temperature

  • From a new smart touch display or your personal device

Have it cool your house down before you get home in summer or warm it up before you wake up in winter

Have it cool your house down before you get home in summer or warm it up before you wake up in winter

Meet AirTouch A very smart air control system

Add value to your home living and enjoy the latest technology Remote control from your smart device, or a crystal clear HD touch screen display (12.7 x 10 cm panel); driven by state-of-the art climate control sensors to ensure everyone’s comfort.

Control 2 separate AC units*
for most major air conditioner brands and up to 16 individual zones

Real-time monitoring
of room temperature against your chosen set point.

Easily setup for the season with different timers for different days AirTouch’s 5-1-1 timer lets you set individual automatic climate control events for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

Cleverly Connected
Secure WiFi connection to the internet for remote control.

Smart self diagnosis and maintenance reminders.

Warranty that gives You Peace of Mind
You need a panel that is reliable and going to last. AirTouch parts and components are manufactured with superior quality, have been put under stringent testing, and adhere to strict Australian regulations.**

Clever management of personal comfort
With AirTouch 3 you can specify a set point temperature to individual zones, which the system can monitor and smartly adjust airflow as required without you needing
to think about it.***

Make your home comfortable from anywhere
You can now monitor and control your air conditioning away from home using your smartphone or tablet with the AirTouch App

Smart Air Control

Ever dreamt of having total control over your air conditioning system?

When the sun comes out, AirTouch shines
With other Air Conditioning control systems, the temperature sensor is often in just one obscure location. We recommend expanding your system to include AirTouch’s optional Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors to actively monitor temperature changes around your home and adjust airflow accordingly.
So when the sun comes out and warms up rooms on one side of your house, AirTouch will adjust their airflow to maintain temperature, and not waste air on rooms already comfortable.
AirTouch’s ITC system will not only help save you money but can offer a new level of peace of mind for your family: Imagine using it with a new-born baby’s room, as now you can be sure they are not getting too hot or cold.

AirTouch 3 solves the problem of uneven or uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home, while helping you reduce energy costs and putting the control of your comfort right where it belongs – in your hands

No two houses are the same, and no other air control system is designed to be as adaptable to different house designs or locations, or family lifestyles as AirTouch.
Making your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible can be a challenge. If your home is like most, temperatures often fluctuate from one room to the next because of sunlight, room activity or other factors.
AirTouch 3 works in a very unique way, it sends all available capacity of cool or heated air to areas that are occupied and shuts off unused zones enabling it to reach the setpoint temperature faster and more economically.*

It allows you to adjust the airflow going into each room in 5% increments or even change the temperature throughout the house or in specific areas with just a few taps on the touch panel or from your smart device.
AirTouch is also equipped with a Turbo Zone function which is useful when you have a large gathering of people and need to direct more air to a specific area. Turbo Zone. changes the temperature of a zone quickly, and maintains it.

Control 16 Zones
AirTouch 3 allows you to control up to 16 zones in your home which allows for maximum efficiency and cost savings as you’ll only need to heat or cool the rooms you are using. With other systems,
you may have to compromise by merging rooms into shared zones.

Designed from the start for smartphone and tablet integration
For personalized control of your air conditioning from anywhere. You can now choose to receive temperature alerts away from home, and even activate a parental lock.

Easily setup for the season
With different timers for different days, AirTouch’s 5-1-1 timer lets you set
individual automatic climate control events for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday

Smart energy management
AirTouch 3 tracks your air conditioner’s running time helping you to monitor and manage your energy usage

Superior Safety Features
AirTouch includes a Spill Zone feature to physically protect your system.

Turbo Zone Feature
AirTouch will take care of you when you have a large group of people over or need 1 room to cool down quickly by sending more air into a chosen zone faster.

Ready for Greater Things
AirTouch now features an inbuilt RS-485 port, the standard for home
automation systems, enabling it to become part of a wider home automation project.

Up to four favourite settings
Allowing you to quickly set different air conditioning requirements for different scenarios.

AirTouch 3 Made for Australian Conditions

AirTouch is a smart air control system that was developed after extensive research into different homes across Australia. We live
in a country with different climates across all states, so it stands to reason that an air control system has to cope with this.
From new and established family homes in Perth and Adelaide, suburban Melbourne, stunning Sydney Harbour mansions, tropical Queensland properties, and outback homestead renovations our design team researched it all.
The end result is a smart air system that copes in homes of all sizes, styles and locations in Australia, but more importantly, is flexible and adaptable to cope with the needs of any family

This sets AirTouch apart from any other home automation product:
It doesn’t try to be a ‘Jack of all trades’, but is the Master of Air Control.
Quality and Support
Providing comfort to your family is our top priority.
AirTouch is backed by Polyaire, a family owned business known for its quality, end user support, and being Australia’s largest distribution network for climate control products.
But family values don’t change. Every family should be comfortable in their own home and our top priority remains to ensure your family’s comfort.


Everyone is Comfortable
Cool the house down before you get home in summer, or warm it up before you wake up in winter.

16 Zones 4 Units 2 Console’s
AirTouch 4 can control up to 4 ducted air conditioners and 16zones across multiple storeysfrom 1 or 2 consoles in your home.

Integrates how you want
Smartphone App. Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa. IFTTT. The choice is yours.

Smart Home Automation
AirTouch 4 doubles as a hub for other smart home integrations and your favourite apps. Automate your lifestyle and be entertained.

Adapt your home to Your Idea OF Comfort intelligent & without wastage

Save money on the power bill. Without compromising on comfort. Only run the AC where you need it with Smart Zoning. Plus, with runtime tracking, energy and airflow management technology, you can be sure of greater efficiency and energy savings from your family’s air conditioner.

Global control of your home climate. Wherever you are.

Just say the word with “SMART INTEGRATIONS”
Voice control of your air conditioning AirTouch works with popular and open voice-activated smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So with whoever you choose to control your air conditioning,

Add value to your home and enjoy the latest technology Control your home climate using our one-of-a-kind HD touch screen console or the AirTouch App on your
smart device.

Programs and Favourites AirTouch lets you setup different automatic climate
control scenarios for different days or seasons.

Warranty for Peace of Mind All parts and components are manufactured to superior quality and have undergone stringent testing to adhere to strict Australian regulations.

Cleverly Connected
Secure WiFi connection to the internet for remote control.

Real-Time Monitoring
of home temperature against your chosen set point.

Optional Individual Temperature Control For precise control of the temperature in specific rooms, upgrade to ITC.

Adding value to improving life

Going beyond technology

With optional Individual Temperature Control Technology, AirTouch monitors temperatures and smartly adjusts airflow as needed around your home. When some rooms get too hot or cold, AirTouch will adjust their airflow to maintain temperature, without wasting energy on rooms already comfortable.


With ITC, you get an additional wireless On/Off switch for each zone in your home which also doubles as a smart wireless temperature sensor.