Advantage of Air Systems

  • Up to 32 individually controlled zones in the one home
  • Independently verified energy savings compared to standard reverse cycle systems
  • A wireless colour touch-screen for instantaneous control
  • Remote control via the internet or SMS option
  • Each part of the system is Advantage Air developed and supplied and coveredby a single warranty
  • Elimination of hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • Upgrade options that include: Fresh Air, SMS/internet access and Pure Air

A reverse cycle air-conditioning system that lets everyone in the house choose their own room temperature.

Unique cutting-edge technology enables Gen III to outperform conventional reverse cycle systems. Sensors in every room mean individual room temperature control can be achieved and constantly maintained. Gen III’s superior technology connects every part of the system enabling it to manage the air-flow and temperature with incredible accuracy.

Gen III Control Unit
At the heart of this incredibly precise temperature control delivery system is the Control Unit. This is the nerve centre of Gen III, constantly monitoring all the parts of the system. The colour touch screen acts as a human-friendly interface between the user and the system. Almost instantaneously the Control Unit interprets the desired selection and in turn instructs the various parts to produce and direct the exact amounts of air needed to create the ideal room temperature.

Wall Temperature Sensor
The wireless zone temperature sensor is used for measuring the temperature in each zone or room. It continually monitors the room temperature and interacts with the Gen III control unit ensuring the exact desired room temperature is achieved. Being wireless these sensors can be discreetly placed in the room with minimum fuss.

Colour Touch Screen
A high-tech colour touch screen delivers complete control over the heating or cooling of every room in the home. The easy to navigate system gives the user finger-tip control and delivers information instantly, so actual room temperatures can be viewed at any time. Plus, you can install more than one color touch screen in your home for ultimate flexibility. An easy timer function can be used to set a simple, daily on/off schedule. A more advanced program can be used to switch the system on and off for a specific combination of zones and , temperatures, over a 7 day period. The touch screen communicates information about the operation of the system. For instance, it will warn the user if too many zones have been opened, or if the battery in a room sensor needs replacing. If at any time the user needs assistance, help is at hand with the touch of a button.

Up To 32 Controlled Zones
Gen III can provide individual room temperature control for literally every room in the house. In fact, up to 32 different zones can be preselected. Each of the zones can be controlled with its own remote control, color screen or from a central color touch screen control unit. Each room thermostat communicates to the main system wirelessly, meaning the installation can be done without the need to conceal messy wiring.

Exact Air Regulator
Achieving and maintaining exacting standards of temperature control requires components with precise delivery mechanisms. Advantage Air’s Exact Air Regulator
is the most versatile in the world. The blades that open and shut allow the exact amount of air needed to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, this system provides a greater level of control over airflow and more accurate control over temperatures within a room.

Exact Air Regulator
Achieving and maintaining exacting standards of temperature control requires components with precise delivery mechanisms. Advantage Air’s Exact Air Regulator
is the most versatile in the world. The blades that open and shut allow the exact amount of air needed to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, this system provides a greater level of control over airflow and more accurate control over temperatures within a room.

The Unit
The external condenser or air-conditioning unit works seamlessly together with the air management system, creating an incredibly responsive, efficient system. Our air-conditioner is one of th first air-conditioners to use, R407C, the world’s new breed of non-ozone depleting refrigerants. R407C is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant introduced to replace those refrigerants resigned to extinction in coming years.

Why Gen III delivers and conventional systems don’t

There are major differences between Gen III and conventional ducted reverse cycle systems. And it’s these differences that allow Gen III to deliver the ultimate in air-conditioned comfort. Hot and cold spots are generally unavoidable with a conventional ducted system. This is because traditional reverse cycle systems rely on one thermostat to gauge the temperature of every room in the house. A virtually impossible task, given room temperatures can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day and night due to factors like position of the sun, a number of people in a room and cooking heat. Gen III constantly monitors changing conditions in every room that affects the temperature and adjusts the delivery of air accordingly. Whereas Gen III monitors individual room temperature, conventional systems only allow the zone to be manually switched on and off. So the user loses the ability to keep the house at the desired constant or various temperatures. Advantage Air’s Gen III costs little more than a standard ducted air-conditioning system, yet it delivers so much more; incredible temperature control, 26% more energy efficiency*, and easy to use color touch screen and a complete a system from the one supplier, covered under the one warranty.

Options that deliver everything from the fresh, clean smell of energy savings to the convenience of SMS and internet control.

Fresh Air
Fresh Air is an essential part of life for all creatures great and small. We have lived for centuries in the fresh air of the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the creature comforts of an air-conditioned home. Advantage Airs “Fresh Air” is a control system that works with your ducted air-conditioning to give you both the comfort of air-conditioning and the freshness of outside air. Fresh Air works in two ways:
• on automatic, it senses the outside temperature and for example, during late afternoon in Summer the outside temperature falls, it will bring fresh but cool air into the home. This is welcomed by people wanting ducted air-conditioning but is concerned about the same air constantly being recycled.
• Fresh Air can be manually switched on at any time. eg. to expel cooking odours, replacing the air in the home with fresh outside air. On automatic, independent tests estimate energy savings of up to 22% compared to similar systems without Fresh Air.

SMS & Internet
The user can even control the system when he or she isn’t holding the colour touch screen control unit. A technology known as AAIRWEB allows the system to be activated remotely via the internet, or even with an SMS message. It also enables your air conditioning system to be integrated with most home automation systems.

Pure Air
This option should be considered by families with members who have allergies or asthma. It is an air filtration system far better than those usually provided with reverse cycle systems available for home air-conditioning. Advantage Air’s ‘Pure Air’ features an intensive 4-stage filtration system. In Stage 1, air passes through the ‘Protech Return Air Grill’, removing 78% of general household dust. The second stage sends the air through a disposable, 50mm thick prefilter. In stage 3, any dust, pollen or bacteria left in the air is then captured by an incredibly efficient, 100mm thick, disposable filter that removes up to 95% of particles, as tiny as .3 microns. The final 4th stage subjects air to an ultraviolet radiation sterilizer. All 4 stages work together to produce a quality of air that is on a par with the level of purity that hospitals demand. The Pure Air filtration system will clean and sterilize the air in about 30 minutes in a typical house (150m2). It can also be installed to filter the entire air supply to an individual room. This Pure Air option is designed to work in conjunction with the Gen III control system.

Linear Elite Diffuser
The cutting-edge, sophisticated design of the Linear Elite will enhance the interior of any home. They can be used in specific rooms whilst choosing a standard diffuser in other rooms.

Half StreemLine Grill
Specifically designed for small spaces, the Half StreemLine Grill provides an option for those awkward, hard to get to places.

Silhouette Diffuser
A more traditional style of diffuser that ensures whisper-quiet cooling or heating to all corners of the room.

StreemLine Diffuser
The only diffuser is available with adjustable blades that sit completely flush with the ceiling. Unique 7 point setting systems allows blades to be adjusted precisely to diffuse cool air across the ceiling or to direct warm air down into the room.

Baby Linear Diffuser
A smaller compact version of the Linear Elite Diffuser that still delivers a big impact. Excellent diffuser option for those tight spots or bulkheads where the traditional range simply will not fit.

Swivel Jet Diffuser
The Swivel Jet’s ‘full swivel function’ gives you greater directional airflow. Choose your own comfort setting with Swivel Jet’s ‘no fuss’ adjustable damper. The attractive, low profile design is guaranteed to suit any decor, plus providing a very convenient control to ensure that the airflow direction can be changed to suit your changing room design and furniture layouts. The Swivel Jet is super quiet and has a ‘removable centre’ that ensures easy access for cleaning.

Air Management

Industry Standard
Regular Damper
Conventional damper bodies have a circular internal section called a ‘scoop’. An external handle is moved to rotate the scoop open or closed. The level of airflow is adjusted by how far the scoop is opened. Conventional damper systems rely on a handle that is tightened by a screw which can loosen over time allowing the scoop to slip and become unbalanced. Using this method is less accurate than the linear balancing method opposite.

Advantage Air Standard
Exact Air Regulator
Advantage Air has applied advanced commercial technology to create the most versatile home damper system in the world – the Exact Air Regulator. Incorporating an Opposed Blade Damper system – similar to those used in large office buildings – for far more precise control over airflow. Airflow is smoother and quieter as the blades distribute the air across the duct more evenly. This system uses a linear balancing method of airflow control which provides a greater level of control over air flows and therefore more accurate control over temperatures within a zone.

Air Quality

Industry Standard
Ordinary Return Air Grille
Consists of a simple grille with a single layer filter that helps clean the air by collecting larger dust particles and lint. Deteriorates over time with washing.

Advantage Air Standard
Purtech Return Air Grille
The Purtech Return Air Grille is another example of Advantage Air leading the way in delivering quiet and efficient systems. The multi-layer electrostatic technology can produce up to 30% cleaner air. Plus, it’s easy to remove and clean.

Ready for Greater Things
Clean-me L-E-D Warning Option
A discreet warning device lets you know when it’s time to clean the filter. A dirty filter increases your power usage and makes the system work harder causing unnecessary additional wear-and-tear.


Advantage Air does not only boast industry-leading controls such as the Gen III and Fresh Air, but with its own custom-designed air-conditioner, it redefines the benchmark for home ducted air conditioning by specifically designing it to fully integrate with the Gen III. No longer are the air-conditioner and air management systems operating separately. With Gen III, both the air conditioner and the air management system work together, effectively ‘talking’ to each other to ensure only the required amount of cool or hot air is delivered into the room or zone, resulting in precise comfort levels both night and day.

Ozone Friendly
Our air-conditioner is one of the first air-conditioners to use R407C, the world’s new breed of non-ozone depleting refrigerants. R407C is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant introduced to replace those refrigerants resigned to extinction in coming years.

Designed For Your Needs
All Advantage Air systems have been developed here in Australia to suit our own extreme climatic conditions. The units have been designed to suit all reverse cycle applications, from single storey to double-storey, townhouse to outhouse and more. Advantage Air, delivering new levels of comfort to all creatures great and small.


Advantage Air commissioned an independent body to calculate the energy savings of Fresh Air and Gen III 500 systems. In order to do these calculations, assumptions had to be made on a range of variables including the size of the house (201m2 of air-conditioning area), location of the house (Perth, Western Australia), electrical, lighting, power supply of the air fan, occupancy of the house and usage of air-conditioning. The CSIRO estimates energy savings of up to 38% for a house in Perth with a variable volume HVAC system with the economy cycle, when compared to a standard system. For the full report view CSIRO Report CMIT©-2004-230 at

Better Built Better Backed

Peace of mind warranty
Our components are well known in the industry for their quality and precision as well as the extra features built-in for additional strength and durability. To prove our confidence, Advantage Air provides one complete system under one complete warranty. Gen III systems provide you with the peace of mind knowing that our single warranty covers all parts and equipment (including units, controls and ducting) from the one single manufacturer.

You’re keeping quality company
Every Advantage Air product is designed in accordance with international standards, ISO 9002 / 9001, and given the well respected ‘five tick’ Quality Endorsement. In fact, quality is a way of life at Advantage Air. From the design of products, the selection of materials, to the commitment of the production teams and the thoroughness of the final quality checks, Advantage Air’s policy of ‘quality first’ is evident throughout the company.
Registered Trademarks include:
‘Advantage Air’, ‘Gen III’ (pending), ‘Fresh Air’, ‘Aairweb’ and ‘Streemline’.

How MyAir makes home the ultimate comfort zone.

Comfort is feeling totally in control – so MyAir gives you up to 10 zones and the power to adjust the airflow to every room. You can control the rest of your home with the same ease, with a touch of the Android icon you can stay in touch with loved ones, search a recipe, play music, watch videos while you cook… As the touchscreen is wired to the wall, it never goes missing and never needs charging.

MyAir comes with the choice of a standard 8-inch colour touchscreen, or an optional upgrade to a 10-inch colour touchscreen. Both of these can be used as an Android home hub.

You can control the system from the couch, from work or from the other side of the world. It works with most smartphones and tablets and turns them into additional remote controls.

You can control up to 4 different air-conditioning units from your MyAir touchscreen. It doesn’t matter if they are different makes or models.

Keeps your energy bills low by automatically adjusting the temperature of empty rooms. When you walk back in, the temperature returns to your chosen setting.

Our quality components are locally designed and made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. You have the comfort of a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components, and 5 years on electronics.

MyAir controls Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung and more. Visit for the full list.

Take control with your home hub

MyAir’s color touchscreen is designed to be a complete home hub. The air-conditioning home screen displays the essentials: whether the system is on or off, set to heating or cooling, the set temperature, and fan speed. However, with a touch of the Android icon, it switches to your
other apps.

The touchscreen is permanently powered and fixed to the wall, so it never needs recharging and it never goes missing. As everything migrates online, having a dedicated tablet for the home makes everyday life a little more comfortable.

The home screen gives you an overview of the air-conditioning status. Adjust the temperature from this screen, or tap through to zones to fine-tune the airflow to every room.

Intuitive tech

Like all the best tablets, MyAir’s touchscreen is simple and intuitive to use. The entire system is designed to be user-friendly. The home screen displays all your options – simply tap on what you want to do and follow the prompts. For example, when you tap on Zones you will easily see the current setting for your zones. You can then increase or decrease the airflow to any room by tapping the + or – button next to it. Rooms with optional Individual Temperature Control sensors will display temperature while others display airflow %. We’ve even included a Help button in the unlikely event that you need it.

MyAir App for additional control

MyAir comes with its own app that effectively turns most smartphones or tablets in your house into a wireless remote control. The app works from anywhere your device has an internet connection (inside and outside your home Wi-Fi area) on both Apple and Android devices. Once MyAir is connected to a compatible home Wi-Fi network, you will also be able to access it remotely using your MyAir app from anywhere in the world. Please visit for wifi and
smartphone compatibility details.

10 zones keep energy bills down

MyAir looks out for your comfort, and your electricity bill, by dividing your home up into a maximum of 10 zones – one for every room. It allows you to heat or cool only the rooms you are using. More zones equal more control over energy usage. With all our zone systems, we include an electronic constant. This means the installer nominates a zone(s) as the spill zone, which only opens if it needs to. The rest of the time, you aren’t paying to condition a space that you’re not using. Conditioning only the areas you want to save you money on your power bill, and may also mean the size of your aircon unit for the home can be smaller, which saves upfront capital expense too.

Control multiple air-conditioners from one screen

There are many reasons for having multiple air-conditioning units. Perhaps you live in a 2-story home or a large home with small roof spaces? Maybe you’re on a smaller block and want to avoid noise pollution? With MyAir, you can control up to 4 ducted air-conditioning units from your system. It doesn’t matter if the units are all different makes – MyAir is compatible with all the leading brands. Every unit is displayed on the home screen, so you can see the status of each unit at a glance. You can turn each one ON or OFF directly from the home screen. To unlock the full functionality of each system, simply tap the unit name to display more options.

Scheduling and Timers

Not only can MyAir control up to 4 units from the one touchscreen, the units on the MyAir system can also be scheduled to start and stop by entering a “Plan” on the Plans screen. Any plan will apply to all units on the relevant MyAir system, i.e. turn them all on/off at the designated time. There are 10 plans available to set, and each plan can be run once per day, on any day of the week. For situations where you only want one or some of the units to turn on or off, you can use the timer function for each unit to achieve this. Setting a timer is a once-off event and doesn’t automatically repeat.

Optional Individual Temperature Control

There can be huge temperature discrepancies between different rooms in your house, depending on their orientation to the sun and whether they are upstairs or downstairs. With standard systems, hot and cold spots are unavoidable as they only have one thermostat, with no option to adjust the airflow to each room. With MyAir, you have the ability to manually send more air to the hotter rooms. However, if you’d prefer everything to be adjusted automatically, there’s Individual Temperature Control (ITC). Each ITC sensor is like a thermostat, they instruct the system to continually adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature. We particularly recommend installing ITC in the hotter rooms or upstairs rooms to ensure they stay the temperature you want as the day heats up. ITC in the baby’s room will give you peace of mind knowing your little one isn’t getting overheated or chilled. Sensors can be installed in as many rooms as you like, either at the time of installation or later on. As ITC sensors ensure you won’t be over air-conditioning rooms, they have the added bonus of saving energy.

The secret to MyAir’s airflow management

As we couldn’t achieve the level of airflow control we were after with conventional dampers, we designed our own: the Exact Air Regulator. Instead of a single scoop, it has Opposed Blade Dampers(OBDs). Think of them as a series of double doors that can open and close in 5% increments. These OBDs are the reason MyAir is able to supply air far more precisely. As the air goes where it is needed, you achieve your preferred temperature as energy efficient as possible. The Exact Air Regulator rewards you with smoother, quieter, more even airflow, and rewarded Advantage Air with an Australian Design Mark award for innovation.

Adding MyPlace is simple

If you already have MyAir, MyPlace can be easily added to the hub that’s already installed in your home. It makes smart home technology simple, by working with existing products in your homes such as lights, fans, most motorized blinds, and your garage door. MyPlace makes life easier while being simple and fun to use. Choose from either an elegant slimline 8” or 10” touchscreen. It’s engineered to deliver real functionality that makes everyday life easier. Here are
some of the useful ways it can make you feel

Tap MyWelcome on the MyPlace app to turn on your lights before you get home.

It takes time for air-conditioning to effectively cool or warm a house. By using MyPlace to turn it on before you get home, you always arrive home to your preferred temperature.

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door. If it’s been left open, MyPlace sends a notification to your smart device. You can then use the MyPlace app to close it with one simple tap.

Entertaining alfresco? MyPlace helps you show off your place to its best. With the MyPlace app, you can use your phone to turn on the mozzie light, ceiling fan or outdoor lighting.

With MyPlace, your home always looks occupied. By controlling the lights and blinds, you can make it look like you’re home, even when you’re on the other side of the world.


For details on compatible phones and devices please visit our website;

Activation code
MyAir has an activation feature. A code may be required from your installer to activate your system after 21 days.

Peace of mind warranty
Advantage Air components are well known in the industry for their quality and durability. To prove our confidence, we provide a 5-year warranty on all electronic controls.

The advantage of Australian-made

MyAir is designed by Advantage Air, a family-owned Australian company that started out designing and manufacturing innovative ducted air-conditioning. In the last 20 years we have focussed more specifically on smart electronic control systems, including MyAir. In this time we have earned a reputation for producing reliable, world-class products that make daily life easier and more comfortable. We take pride in designing and creating an Australian product that is world-class. To achieve this, we embrace technology and invest heavily in research and development. Our ingenious engineers have developed numerous industry firsts and earned us a number of patents, registered designs and design awards in the process. We are committed to quality and where possible, make our components in Australia. Our consumer support centre is also based in Australia, so you’ll always receive friendly, local support when you contact MyTeam.

Consumer support

At Advantage Air we are committed to the quality and user experience of our products, which is why we have our own consumer support centre. Whether it is to step you through an app update, assist with getting your MyAir and your WiFi talking to each other, or just to go over how to get the most out of your system, we are here to help. You can take comfort in the fact that it is staffed internally, not outsourced, assuring the quality of advice and service you will receive.
Note: Although most apps and routers work with our touchscreens there will be some that are not compatible. Please let us know if you have issues so that we can assist where possible.